Windshield Cracks and Chips: Be Gone!

3 Factors To Consider Before Getting Your Windshield Replaced

Driving a car with a damaged windshield can get you in trouble with the law leading to a traffic citation. Hence, if your damaged windshield hinders road vision, you should have it replaced. But, before you get a windshield replacement, there are several factors you need to consider. The factors you need to consider will determine your windshield replacement costs.   

If you plan to replace a damaged windshield, here are three factors you need to consider.   

1. Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Auto Glass Replacements?  

Car owners often forget to check if their auto insurance policies cover auto glass replacements and they pay the full cost of the windshield replacement out of pocket. In contrast, they could have used their auto insurance to cover the windshield replacement costs.   

When using your auto insurance coverage to pay for windshield replacement, you only pay the deductible out of pocket. Auto insurance will cover the lion's share of the windshield replacement costs, enabling you to save money.   

2. How Soon Do You Need The Windshield Replacement Done?   

How soon you need a windshield replaced determines where you get windshield replacement services.   

You can replace your windshield at an auto glass repair shop or a car dealership. However, you should note that car dealerships don't stock replacement windshields. Instead, they order new windshields from car manufacturers on an as-needed basis. You may have to wait several days or weeks for your new windshield to arrive and get installed.   

Auto glass repair shops usually stock replacement windshields in their inventory. Thus, you don't have to wait for them to order a new windshield for you. Consequently, an auto glass repair shop can conduct a windshield replacement much faster than a dealership. In most cases, an auto glass repair shop will replace your windshield the same day you take it to the shop.  

Thus, if you want a quick windshield replacement, you should opt for an auto glass repair shop instead of a car dealership.  

3. Where to Buy the Replacement Windshield?   

When replacing a windshield, you have three options of where you can buy a replacement windshield. The three options include:

Auto glass repair shops buy replacement windshields from auto part dealers or car manufacturers and sell them to you for a markup. Auto part dealers buy replacement windshields from car manufacturers and sell them to consumers at a profit. Thus, the price of a replacement windshield from an auto parts dealer or auto glass repair shop is higher due to the markups.  

If you buy a replacement windshield directly from a car manufacturer, you save money by avoiding the auto glass shop's and auto dealer's markups. So, if you want to buy a replacement windshield at the best rate, you should buy it directly from a car manufacturer.