Windshield Cracks and Chips: Be Gone!

5 Warning Indicators You Need To Replace Your Car Windshield

The windshield of your car is responsible for protecting you from more than just the elements. It offers a clear line of visibility which helps maintain your safety and that of your passengers and other motorists. Therefore, ensuring that your windshield is installed correctly and in perfect condition is essential. That said, here are a few signs that you should get a windshield replacement.

1. The edges of your windshield have a white haze

All car windshields are treated with PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral), a protective plastic coating that prevents your windshield from shattering into small pieces during impact. When you notice a white haze around your windshield edge, it's a sign that the plastic has begun to separate, putting you in great danger in case of an accident.

2. Visible signs of scratches and cracks

If you notice any visible signs of scratches, chips, or cracks, you will need a windshield replacement. A windshield with visible scratches and cracks can impair your ability to see clearly, increasing the risk of an accident. While an auto repair expert can repair minor scratches and cracks, larger cracks are irreparable.

3. Your windshield doesn't look or feel the same after winter

During the winter months, your car windshield is exposed to the pressure of heavy salt, hail, and snow. The constant exposure of these elements results in pits, chips, and cracks on your car's windshield. Therefore, if you notice any of these signs after winter, you should consider replacing your windshield. Once your windshield integrity is compromised, it will continue to break and crack.

4. Signs of heavy pitting

Continuous exposure of your windshield to sand, debris, and dust from the road can result in windshield pitting. If your windshield has heavy pitting, it scatters reflected light and reduces your visibility, which increases your odds of getting in an accident. Therefore, if your car windshield has heavy pitting, you should replace it immediately.

5. Your car inspection is coming up soon

If you know that your vehicle inspection is approaching, your windshield should not have any visible cracks or chips. If you proceed with the assessment and these windshield problems are spotted, you risk facing hefty fines. To avoid a second inspection, get a windshield replacement. 

Your car windshield plays a vital role in ensuring better visibility. Therefore, if you note any of the indicators highlighted above, it is time to get a new windshield.  Windshield replacement is vital to ensure you're safe on the road.