Windshield Cracks and Chips: Be Gone!

In Need Of Auto Glass Replacement Services? Lesser Known Questions You May Want To Ask When Hiring A Company To Work With

If a rock has hit your windshield or someone tried to break into your car and broke out your side window, you may be looking for auto glass replacement services. If you are in need of auto glass replacement services, you likely already know to ask a company how much they charge for their services and whether they work with your insurance company or not. However, these are not the only questions that you need to ask. There are a number of other questions that are equally as important to ask that you may not even know you need to ask. Here are some of those questions. 

Do You Offer Mobile Auto Glass Replacement Services? 

One of the first questions that you should consider asking auto glass replacement services is whether they offer mobile auto glass replacement services. You want to find out if they can come to your home, work, or other convenient place and do the repairs for you. It is important to note that not every auto glass replacement can be done in some types of weather, such as in freezing temperatures or rain, so in those cases, you will need to have a garage available. However, most of the time, having auto glass replaced by a mobile auto glass service is a time saver and much easier. 

Do You Recycle the Damaged Auto Glass? 

Another question to consider asking when you are in need of auto glass replacement services is whether they recycle their damaged auto glass. Some companies simply throw the glass out, while others are much more conscious of the impact they have on the environment, and decide to recycle the glass. If this is important to you, find a company that recycles rather than throws away the glass. 

Do You Offer Warranties on the Newly Installed Glass? 

Finally, be sure to ask if auto glass companies offer any warranties on their newly installed glass. An auto glass company cannot warranty the glass against someone breaking in or a rock flying up, but they can warranty it against glass defects or problems with the seal that holds the new auto glass in place. Reputable companies will stand behind the glass they buy and their install work by offering a warranty. 

Auto glass replacement services are there to assist you if your auto glass is damaged and cannot be repaired. If you have auto glass that is damaged, it is important to have it repaired or replaced right away. Schedule an appointment for auto glass replacement services today.